Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

At Cleaning Solutions of Roanoke, we set ourselves apart from our competition because we provide services that keep our customers coming back to us by making sure their carpets are cleaned right down to every little detail. Our extensive cleaning services have been proven to be effective in hundreds of cleans. Our main priority is customer satisfaction.

How will professional carpet cleaning from Cleaning Solutions of Roanoke help me??

When you allow us to come professionally clean your carpets, you will get some of the following benefits from your cleaned carpets:

  • Extend the life of your carpet
  • Remove any spots and stains on your carpet
  • Reduce the wear in your hallways and other high traffic areas
  • Reduce germs, mold, bacteria
  • Give your carpet an overall uniform appearance
  • Restore the natural look of your carpet
  • Removes pet odors
Quick drying

We use Turbo Dryers to dry the carpet faster. Your carpet will be dry within a few hours, not days.

Healthy living

When your carpets are professionally cleaned and the germs and bacteria are gone, this makes your home healthier. This is very important if you have kids that play on your floors.

Protecting your carpet

When you install new carpet in your home, it’s a big investment. Like any other investment, you should protect it as much as you possibly can. With weekly vacuuming and periodic professional cleaning, you can extend the life and appearance of your carpet for years to come.

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