Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

At Cleaning Solutions of Roanoke, we set ourselves apart from our competition because we provide services that keep our customers coming back to us by making sure their upholstery is cleaned right down to every little detail. Our extensive cleaning services have been proven to be effective in hundreds of cleans. Our main priority is customer satisfaction.

Cleaning and protecting your furniture will not only extend the life of it, it will make your home look and smell great! We can handle everything from the most common to the most delicate. We will lift as much dirt and grime as possible from your furniture as well as focus on the problem spots. We also use Turbo Dry so your furniture will be ready for use again quickly after cleaning.

Fabric Protector

After we clean your furniture, we can treat your furniture with fabric protector to help keep it clean until our next cleaning. Think about waxing a car. You wax your car to protect it against sun, wear and tear and to help keep it clean. Fabric protection is the same concept. It help keeps your furniture clean and looking fresh and new.

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